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1: What is Clixsense?
Clixsense is the most Popular, one of the Oldest and most Trusted
Online Advertising Paid to Click Website based in 734 W. Liberty St.
Rome, NY 13440, USA. Clixsense is operating since February 2007.

2: What is Clixsense Team Philippines?
Clixsense Team Philippines also known as CSTPH, is a Group of
Pinoy Internet Marketers that aims to help Online Income Seekers
to earn Online using Clixsense. The Team was Officially Launched
on August 15, 2010.

3: Is Clixsense Team Philippines a recognized team at Clixsense?
Yes, Clixsense recognizes Clixsense Team Philippines as a reputable
independent team helping one another to earn extra income at Clixsense.

4: Is Clixsense Team Philippines a Registered Company in the Philippines?
Do you have a DTI Permit and SEC Registration? Do you Pay Taxes?
No, CSTPH is not a Company nor an Institution. And since we are
not a company nor an institution, we do not need a DTI permit
and SEC registration to operate business. We are also not required
to pay Taxes because the source of our income is based in USA,
not in the Philippines.

5: Who can Join Clixsense Team Philippines?
All people around the world who are 16 years of age or older
regardless of their Nationality are Welcome to Join Clixsense Team
Philippines. 13-15 years old may be allowed to Join the Team but
with consent and supervision from parents or guardians.

6: I already have a Clixsense Account before I learned about CSTPH.
Can I still join the team?
Yes! You can still Join the Team. Please Send us an
Email Message at our Contact Us Page to know how.

7: If I joined the team, What will happen to my Downlines and
to my current Earnings at my Clixsense Account?
Your Downlines and Clixsense Earnings will be retained at your
Clixsense Account unchaged. Only your Sponsor will be changed
when you joined CSTPH. Why? This Sponsor Change will serve as
your connection with us.

8: I do not want to change my Sponsor, but I want to join CSTPH.
If your sponsor is a member of CSTPH and his 3 Level-1 Downline
slots are not yet complete. You must write his Clixsense Username
as your Referrer at our Team Registration Form to be retained
under him. However, if your sponsor have already completed his
3 Level-1 Downline slots when you joined the team. You will be
automatically positioned under his downlines with incomplete
Level-1 downlines.

9: If I joined the team, will you automatically consider my
existing clixsense downlines as CSTPH Members?
No, Only Members who registered using our Team Registration Process
are considered as CSTPH Official Team Members. If you want your
downlines to Join CSTPH. You must instruct them to register at
our Join Now! Page. Do not forget to instruct them to write your
Clixsense Username as their Referrer.

10: Why do I have to pay P850.00 or $19.00 for CSTPH Membership Fee?
This payment is for your Clixsense Account Premium Upgrade Fee worth
$17.00. The remaining $2.00 is for the charges we receive from
Payment Processors and for your contribution to CSTPH Website
Maintenance, Team Promotions and Advertisements.

11: Can I register Multiple Clixsense Account at my computer?
No, Clixsense does not allow Multiple Account Registration in one Computer.
But as one of the benefits at CSTPH, you may register your family,
relatives and friends at Clixsense by using CSTPH Registration Process.
Visit Join Now! Page to know more about CSTPH Registration Process.

12: Can I have more than one Clixsense Account?
No, Bogus Accounts are not Allowed at Clixsense! You can only share
your computer with your family, relatives and friends. But you may
not own more than one (1) Clixsense Account. This will be considered
cheating and may lead to suspension of all accounts registered at your

13: I do not have a computer at Home. Can I use Computers at
Internet Shop/Cafe to Join and Earn at Clixsense?
Yes, However, you must be extra careful in accessing your account at
Public Computers since security risks at Public Computers
is highly questionable. We advise that you must not forget Log-out
and Clear Cache after using your account at any computer.

14: I want my family, friends and relatives to Join the Team but they don’t
have an option to send the Payment for the Team Membership fee. Can I Pay
for the $19.00 or P850.00 CSTPH Membership Fee of my Referrals?
Yes, You can Pay for the Team Membership Fee of your Family, Friends,
Relatives and other Referrals using the same Payment Processor you used
to Join the Team.

15: Can I really earn at Clixsense Team Philippines?
Yes, Many Members of our Team are already earning good income at
Clixsense. However, though we are 100% sure that our program will
work for all our members. We would like to reiterate that this program
is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme Program. It will take time and a little
effort for you to earn $9,843 or about P450,000 every year. With our
team, all members will eventually earn residual income once their
downline network had been completed.

16: When can I start inviting others to join CSTPH?
You can start inviting others to join right after you have
received our Confirmation Email Message that you are already
an official member of CSTPH.

17: How can I invite others to join CSTPH?
Ask them to visit our Team Website at www.clixsenseteam.com
and instruct them to put your Clixsense Username as their
Referrer at our Team Registration Form. If they joined the
team, and write you as their referrer. They will be placed
under you as your downline.

18: What if I have already completed my three (3) Level-1 downlines?
Can I still refer? What will happen to my referrals?
If you have already completed your 3 Level-1 downlines. All your excess
referrals will now be placed under your downlines with incomplete
Level-1 downlines. Making you and your downlines earn at the same time.
This process is called the Random Spillover System where you help your
downlines earn while you earn.

19: What if I failed to refer other people to Join the team?
When can I receive a Spillover Downlines?
If you failed to invite other people to Join the Team. You still have
a chance to have a Downline by the use of our Random Spillover System.
However, this system is like a lottery bonus where all our members has a
chance to win it. We highly discourage our members to depend their
fortune on this system.

20: Can I still Earn at Clixsense even without downlines?
Yes, Clixsense is not just an Affiliate Program. Aside from the $9,843
or P450,000 yearly income you can earn from our Team’s Forced Matrix
System. You can also Earn at Clixsense by Clicking Ads, Playing at
ClixGrid and Accomplishing Simple Paid Tasks and Offers.

21: When the last person on earth joins CSTPH, who can they possibly have as their
downline? The system appears flawed to me, someone has to lose. Am I correct?
No, there’s no such thing as last person on earth, about 350,000 new persons
are born everyday and also thousands of new people learns how to use
computer and internet. Potential downlines in the internet is endless!

22: What if my downlines did not renew their Premium Membership after 1 year?
You should report this Member at our Team’s Report Inactive Downline Page.
Upon approval of your report, this Inactive Member will be removed from
your network and his/her slot will be opened for replacement with a New Active
Member. You can Read More about this feature at our
Report Inactive Downline Page.

23: How Can I receive, withdraw or cashout my Earnings at Clixsense?
Normally, Clixsense pays its Members using Payza, Paypal, Liberty
Reserve and Mailed Check. But if you are a member of Clixsense Team
Philippines, You have an additional option to Cashout your Clixsense
Earnings directly to your SMART Money Card, Unionbank Eon Debit Card
or Globe GCash Card. How? Please Visit our Team Cashout Page for more details.

24: I have Too Many Questions that are Not Answered here.
For your Questions and Clarifications,
You can send us an e-mail at our Contact Us Page.

25: What Guarantee do I have that this is Not a Scam?
We already have thousands of members that you can find
at Facebook, you can ask them about their experience.

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